How to wash silk in the washing machine?

Silk is a material made from natural fibers with which the most beautiful fabrics that exist are designed.
Despite its resistance, silk fabric must be washed with particular care to maintain its softness and beautiful appearance.

First of all, you should check the label which will tell you the appropriate washing option for your silk textile, namely, if your fabric can be machine washed or if it must be hand washed or dry washed. . Failure to follow these instructions may permanently damage your fabric.

Some rules to follow when washing silk in the washing machine

1- Start by checking the type of washing machine. Front-loading machines are gentler than top-loading machines. If silk linen is put into a top loading machine, using the silk linen in a laundry/wash bag is essential before putting it in the machine.

2. Just like hand washing, you will need to make sure not to mix other fabrics with your silk fabrics. Fabrics should also be separated by color since silk releases dye when washed.

3. Use a mild detergent to wash silk fabrics and avoid those containing brighteners and enzymes.

4- You must use the “delicate” or “hand wash” cycle on the washing machine and choose the cycle that has the shortest spin cycle. Excessive spinning will break down the silk fibers and damage your silk laundry. Wash in cold water (less than 30 C°)

If your machine doesn't have a delicate cycle, wash your sheets by hand instead.

As you will have understood, washing silk requires time and patience, but its many benefits are worth paying all the necessary attention to.
Indeed, in addition to its magnificent appearance, silk has multiple properties, including incredible anti-acne, anti-aging and hypoallergenic properties. Silk works miracles on the skin and hair and promotes peaceful and restful sleep.
Properly maintained, silk textiles will remain intact and will continue to provide us with all their benefits for several years.

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