Why choose Hypnos Company?

Silk has unique qualities that can improve the quality of your skin, hair and sleep, but you should know that not all types of silk are equivalent in terms of quality, and unless use high quality silk, you are unlikely to experience this magic.

”Mulberry silk products and nothing but mulberry silk. ” This is our promise.

We had the idea of ​​launching Hypnos Company for several reasons:

1. Many companies take advantage of consumers' lack of knowledge and sell silk products at way too high a price.
It is very common to find 19 momme mulberry silk pillowcases for more than 80 euros, while this price corresponds more to 25 momme.
At Hypnos Company, all products are Grade 6A, (the best quality silk available on the market), and are offered at the fairest prices.
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2. A lack of variety in weight of silk. Most brands offer 19, 22 and 25 mommes. But very few of them offer 30 mommes. 30 mommes is the best silk weight available. The most luxurious and durable bedding is made with 30 momme, but it is very rare to find it.
We therefore decided to offer the largest weight of silk on the market, including 30 mommes.

3. Many companies mislead customers by selling mixed products: cotton/silk, polyester/silk, mulberry silk/wild silk, or even worse, they sell polyester satin pretending it is cotton satin. silk.
Hypnos Company's promise is to offer 100% mulberry silk products.

At Hypnos Company all products are:

Made from pure mulberry silk
100% natural and organic*
Grade 6A
OEKO-tex and GOTS certified
Made with vegetable dyes

In addition to promoting restful sleep, our products provide unparalleled beauty care.

We make no compromise on the quality of our products. They have been designed with great care to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of silk.

Hypnos Company is a French brand. Our products are sold all over the world.