Collection: Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase is a real treatment for the skin and hair. Our silk pillowcases will transform your nights into a beauty ritual and elevate the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Made from the finest natural silk, our pillowcases will provide the ultimate softness for glowing skin and silky hair when you wake up.

Our wide range of colors allows you to choose the shade that reflects your style and personality while adding a touch of luxury to your decor.

Why use a silk pillowcase?

In addition to its unique softness, beautiful appearance, and strength, mulberry silk draws its popularity from the many benefits it confers.

Benefits for the skin, hair and sleep

Mulberry silk does not absorb or retain germs. It is so smooth that it creates 43% less friction with the skin compared to other materials. So, by using a silk pillowcase, your skin will be protected against inflammation, redness, fine lines and the formation of spots.

The softness of the silk pillowcase reduces the abrasion of hair against the fabric. They will therefore not cling to the fabric and will thus be protected against frizz, knots and split ends. Silk is also a hydrophobic material, it helps hair better retain its natural moisture, and does not absorb hair care, which will keep your hair hydrated throughout the night.

Silk is hypoallergenic, it is inhospitable to dust mites and bedbugs. It contains sericin, a natural protein that fights allergic reactions. Using a silk pillowcase is therefore ideal for people who suffer from allergies. Silk is also thermoregulatory, it helps to regulate your body temperature during the night allowing you to get a good night's sleep.

How to choose the right silk pillowcase?

What type of silk to choose?

There are two types of silk: mulberry silk and wild silk. The softest silk and therefore most suitable for pillowcases is mulberry silk. Wild silks such as Tussah , Muga or Eri silk , are less uniform in texture, with shorter strands. The threads produced by wild silkworms are shorter than those of mulberry silk and when woven, the result will be quite rough and therefore unpleasant in contact with the skin.

Which silk momme to choose?

The momme is a unit of measurement that defines the thickness of silk.
The higher the density in a pillowcase, the more qualitative the silk and the durable, thicker fabric, suitable for intensive use.
A silk pillowcase with a low number of mommes does not mean that it is not 100% silk and that it is mixed with other materials, it only means that the fabric is thinner .

At Hypnos company, we offer:
-19 momme silk pillowcases: Entry level for those who want to discover the world of silk.
-22 momme silk pillowcases: The perfect combination of quality and affordable price.
-30 momme silk pillowcases: synonymous with durability and resistance. They will provide you with years of comfort and beauty.

What size should you choose for your silk pillowcase?

Rectangle pillowcases :

Size 40 x 60 cm is suitable for 40 x 60 cm pillows

The 50 x 75 cm size is suitable for 50 x 75 cm pillows but also for 50 x 70 cm pillows

Square pillowcases:

The size 65 x 65 cm is suitable for 65 x 65 cm pillows but also for 60 x 60 cm pillows

If you have any doubt, simply measure your pillows.

Why choose Hypnos Company silk pillowcase?

Best quality silk

All our silk pillowcases are made exclusively from 100% natural and organic mulberry silk without any chemical treatment.
We only use long mulberry silk fibers (Grade 6A) which guarantee great softness to the fabrics.
Our pillowcases are OEKO-Tex and GOTS certified, and the dyes used are vegetable.

A wide range of silk weights

Most brands offer 19, 22 and 25 mommes. But very few of them offer 30 mommes. 30 mommes is the best weight of silk available but it is very rare to find it.
We therefore decided to offer the largest weight of silk on the market, including 30 mommes.

Luxurious packaging worthy of the finest gifts

All our silk pillowcases are delivered in magnificent black leather boxes, accompanied by a small card with a personalized handwritten message.

How to maintain your silk pillowcase?

Our silk pillowcases are compatible with washing by hand or in the washing machine at 30°C.
Always make sure to wash your silk laundry in cold water.
If you machine wash your pillowcases, it is strongly recommended that you use a mesh washing bag to ensure the longevity of the fabrics.
Regarding drying, choose drying in the open air or otherwise in the machine on a delicate cycle at low temperature.

frequently asked Questions

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Can I iron my silk pillowcases?

Ironing is optional when it comes to silk bedding. Once placed on the bed, silk bedding smoothes naturally.

If, however, your silk linen is very wrinkled, it is indeed possible to iron it. Just be sure to turn your pillowcases dull side out and iron them at low temperature.

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Are mulberry silk pillowcases harmful to the environment?

All our collections are made with respect for the environment and are non-toxic.
Our products are ecological, without the slightest chemical product. They are organic, and the dyes used are 100% vegetable.

What is Silk Grade?

Mulberry silk is graded on an A, B and C scale.
For each letter, there is also a ranking which goes from 1 to 6.

Each letter and number refers to a different type of quality. A and 6 represent the highest quality silk product. C and 1 on the contrary, refer to the lowest quality.

The quality of silk is defined by the length and thickness of the threads used during weaving. Grade 6A silk refers to silk fabrics made with the longest and thickest threads available.

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Does a satin pillowcase necessarily mean it's made of silk?

Satin is a weaving method while silk is a material.
Satin can be woven from different materials, whether natural, such as silk, cotton and wool, or synthetic, such as polyester.
Regardless of the material used, the fabric obtained will always have a very beautiful shiny appearance, but the benefits will be non-existent if it is woven from a synthetic material.
A satin pillowcase therefore does not mean that it is silk satin, it can also be polyester satin.

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How much do you charge for delivery?

In France :

Free delivery 2 to 5 working days (excluding public holidays) for orders over 100 euros.

Delivery 2 to 5 working days (excluding public holidays) at 4.90 euros for all orders below 100 euros.

Express delivery 48 hours tracked at 9.90 euros.

International deliveries:

Free international deliveries for orders over 200 euros. Below 200 euros, shipping costs of 15 euros will be charged. Delivery time: 7 to 10 days.

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I still have questions!

If you have any further questions, remarks or comments, we would be happy to hear them.
Do not hesitate to send us an email to the following address:

You can also send us a direct message on Instagram , and we will respond within 2 hours maximum.

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