What does Grade 6A quality silk mean?

Silk is renowned for being a material that makes it possible to manufacture the most beautiful and best textiles in terms of durability and resistance. That said, these two qualities depend on the range of the silk.
Like any material, silk can be high-end or low-end, and there is a classification to determine the quality of silk.

This is because silk is graded on an A, B and C scale, and each letter refers to a different type of quality.

A represents the thickest and highest quality silk product. C on the contrary, refers to the lowest quality.
But it doesn't stop there. For each letter, there is also a classification. For example, for Grade A, we find A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and finally, 6A, which represents the best grade of silk available. That is to say the highest level of silk quality.

But concretely, what does this mean?

The quality of silk is defined by the length and thickness of the threads used during weaving.

Grade 6A quality silk is made from the longest silk fibers available. When the silk thread is pulled from the cocoon, the longer it is, the better the quality.
Very small threads will have a rough feel to the touch once woven. The longer the yarn, the softer and freer from defects the fabric will be.

The Grade 6A designation ensures that only the best cocoons, with the longest threads, are selected for the production of the silk fabric on which it appears.

In addition to length, grade 6A refers to the thickness of the wires. The thicker they are, the more resistant and durable the fabric will be.
The thickness of the threads varies from one cocoon to another, but only the cocoons with the thickest threads will be selected to produce the grade 6A silk.

Grade 6A silk therefore refers to silk fabrics made with the longest and thickest threads available.

Silk has a significant cost, so it is essential to carefully check the product information before purchasing.
If a silk item does not state the quality level of the silk, i.e. Grade and Momme Count , it is most likely made with lower quality silk.

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