What is silk momme?

Momme = Weight of silk

For all materials, quality is measured by the number of threads used, but this criterion is insufficient when it comes to silk.
Indeed, two silk fabrics can have the same number of threads without having identical quality. This is because silk threads vary in diameter and length from one cocoon to another.

The momme was therefore introduced by the Japanese as a unit of measurement to define the density and quality of a silk fabric.
The silk momme represents the weight in grams per square meter of fabric. The higher the mommes contained in a silk fabric, the more it will be of good quality, durable, thick, and suitable for intensive use.

One momme is equivalent to 4.340 grams of silk per square meter.

4 to 8 mommes represents 17.36 to 34.72 grams per square meter. With this weight, we will obtain a thin and transparent fabric.

10 to 14 mommes represent 40.34 to 60.76 grams per square meter, we will obtain a medium thickness fabric here.

From 16 mommes , or 69.44 grams per square meter, we will start to obtain a fabric thick enough to make silk pillowcases.

19, 22 and 25 mommes are considered very good quality fabrics for making bedding.

30 momme silk produces the most comfortable and durable fabrics on the market.

A fabric with a lower number of mommes does not mean that it is not 100% silk, or that it is mixed with other materials, but simply that the length of the threads or their diameter is less important.

Here is an illustration comparing a 19 momme fabric to a 30 momme fabric:

the silk mom

A guarantee of quality, the price of the fabric will increase with the increase in the number of mothers, but it is an investment that is worth it because the silk will only be softer and more pleasant in contact with the skin and the hair.

How many moms should choose for silk bedding?

Silk bedding should be soft to the touch but also strong and resistant to regular washing and ironing . This is why for flat sheets, fitted sheets and duvet covers, you must opt ​​for a weight ranging from 19 to 30 mommes.

From 19 to 22 mommes we are already on very good quality, but for those who are looking for truly luxurious, solid, and durable bedding, you will have to invest in a weight of 25 to 30 mommes. The latter two weights offer fabrics that stand the test of time and can remain intact for decades.

Regarding silk pillowcases, 16 momme would be suitable for decorative and not very intensive use, otherwise, just like for bedding, you will have to opt for silk pillowcases ranging from 19 to 30 momme .

Mommes used for the different silk weaving methods:

The usual momme weight ranges for different silk weaves are:

  • Gauze: 3 to 5 mommes

  • Organza: 4 to 6 mommes

  • Silk chiffon - Chiffon: 6 to 8 mommes (12 to 16 mommes if made in double thickness)

  • Habotai: 12 to 16 mommes

  • Crepe: 12 to 16 mommes

  • Charmeuse (Silk satin): 12 to 30 mommes

  • Raw silk: 35 to 40 mommes (heavier silks appear more 'wooly')

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